Branding & Website

Easily Amused created a new brand for the American Massage & Bodywork Institute. The school didn’t yet exist, so we designed an entire identity—including logo, website and business collateral.



Create an Entirely New Brand


The partners behind the new massage school approached us to create an entirely new brand identity—including logo, website, and business collateral.

Since the school plans to offer online learning in the upcoming year, our challenge was to create the business identity, build the website within the budget, and future-proof the solutions.


A 'Modern American' Identity

Our team went through our process to create the logo and identity for the massage school’s new brand.

The AMBI brand lends itself to American patriotic pride—following its name. The partners wanted to go the patriotic route, yet stay very modern.

We researched current and classic American influenced design. Using custom illustration and iconography, we gave the AMBI design visual charm. We worked within strict requirements, delivering red and blue schemes with custom hand-drawn logo concepts.


Capturing a project’s unique brand vision takes planning, fluid communication & an intuitive creative team.


Digital Strategy

Building the Website

Next step: create an informational website—which will eventually serve as a Learning Management System.

The initial main goals of the website are to educate potential students about programs and provide an easy experience for booking tours. Since the school offers a student clinic, the public also needed an easy way to book massage appointments.

Additionally, we know that the school plans to offer online learning shortly. Our designs and development took this into consideration. As we built the website for AMBI, we focused on Future-Proofing it for additional iterations.



Building a Future-Proof Website

Clear UI & UX

Since the site’s main purpose is to drive new student signups to the school, we designed it to be immediately welcoming for potential students considering a massage career. Our UI design outlines clear user funnels and call-to-actions. Everywhere you go, the clear focus is always ‘getting started.’

Event Management

The first step to enroll at AMBI is often a tour, so we created a system that makes booking tours a breeze. Since the school administration manages school tours, we outlined an easy workflow for scheduling tours. Then we personally trained the AMBI team how to use it.

Clinic Management

We set up a booking calendar to manage massage appointments and trained the AMBI team on managing it. Thinking toward the future, we also set up products in the clinic with LearnDash—so AMBI can sell gift cards, massage oils & other items.

LearnDash LMS Integration

Since AMBI will soon offer 20% of their classes online, we set up the Learning Management System (LMS) LearnDash. Once they start adding grades or collateral, students who have a taken the class can immediately take courses without paying more.

Custom Web Development

We worked as digital partners and advisors on this project, which includes schema planning and ensuring the site is completely editable in the CMS. Our team ensured the site’s experience is the same from desktop to mobile, responsive, and viewable for all sizes and retina screens. Our clean code is always built to the highest standards, with plans for future expansion in mind.

Outreach: Community Education & Involvement

To plan for outreach, we encouraged the AMBI team to focus on community growth. We created sections on the site for community events and ongoing education, reaching out to existing massage therapists. AMBI also plans to offer couples massage, wine tastings, and other community events in the future.


The site elegantly informs potential students about programs at AMBI and is a powerful tool to book tours or massage appointments.


Our Project Management Style

Our Weekly Process:

Our entire team met with the lead AMBI school partner weekly. We reviewed our weekly progress, set weekly goals, assessed priorities, and bonded over rants about our weekend. After our weekly client call, we documented our goals for the week. And every Friday, our team sent a detailed report of progress and current status.

Our Project Management Tools:

During the week, we kept close tabs on tasks through our project management system, Wrike. As the project progressed, we worked hand-in-hand with the whole AMBI team to educate them (via Google Hangouts, screencasts, and emails) on how to use their new website.



Off-boarding, Training & Launch:

As every new feature was created for the AMBI WordPress Admin, we also created custom screencasts to educate the AMBI team on how to use their site. By the time our launch date arrived, the AMBI team felt well equipped to manage their website and extremely comfortable in their CMS. After launch, our custom development team handed the AMBI website to the Valet ongoing support team, so the site is still in good hands.


A Stunning Brand & Powerful Website


Our partnership with AMBI brought life to the new brand. The website is now a powerful marketing tool for their school. The successful launch of the site is educating visitors about the AMBI massage school, and students are signing up for tours, visiting community events, and starting on a new career path in massage therapy.

Our next iterations of work planned will include online learning and expanding online product sales. Currently, we are happy to provide support for the site.

Check out the new American Massage and Bodywork Institute website.


What our client says:

"I believe Valet is just as interested in our success as if they were team members of our school. I felt like I truly had a vested partner all along the way. The dedication, commitment, and the results are all just phenomenal, and I am so pleased with the decision to use Valet to help us in designing our company’s image."

Scott Diedun, CEO & President AMBI
Project Team

Our team on the AMBI project:

  • James Tryon

    Creative Director

  • Violette Calhoun

    Project Manager

  • Vincent Re

    Front-end Developer

  • Josh Shashaty

    Backend Developer

We created a new brand for the American Massage and Bodywork Institute. Let us help grow your business!