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Strategy, Design & Development

Who we are

Our desire is always to create awesome things. Things that make you smile, things you're happy using. What makes us different? Our people, our integrity, and our passion for great work.

The Easily Amused brand was born in 1998. Back in the day, we started with band art, cd covers, and logos on spec. By 2002, we delved into web design—mostly HTML, osCommerce, and Zen Cart solutions. The team also focused on print, and Orlando magazine agencies kept us busy with design projects for years. Our aim was to bring surprise, joy, and excitement to our projects, and it showed in our work.

As Orlando’s creative scene grew, we grew with it. Our love of all things creative moved us to open an art gallery in our office. We started the creative organizations Linkin and Assembly. Before hipsters were hip, we rocked screen print projects—running around town in our custom hoodies and t-shirts. After all, what’s better than wearing your own art?

In 2007, we met WordPress. This new chapter meant new adventures, and by 2009 our team grew to 12 people. We became the Orlando WordPress experts—a trusted partner for agencies—and our reputation speaks for itself. After 4 years, we were itching to show off the awesome work (…Disney, Budweiser, Merrill Lynch) that we produced for agencies.

In 2012, Valet approached us to work as a sister company because of our good name in the industry and their need for custom design and development. It was a great fit. We ran their design and development branch for 3 years. After launching many large projects—including the rebranded Valet and new Valet Metrics, we decided it was time to stand up our own brand again. Ours is a creative agency with a rich history and eyes on the future.

Our team enjoys speaking at schools, WordCamps, and art shows—it's been part of our company culture from the beginning. We organize local meetups, and we proudly give back our great community.


What We Do

Happiness in our clients’ success.

We are a full-service agency that has the skill set to do anything you need and work with you as a digital partner. Do you need your brand crafted? How about product development or marketing? Need a site to sell your product on? Even better, how about someone to help you decided what the best next step is for your business.

Strategy + Creative + Development

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Concept Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Product Development
  • Event Planning
  • Web Development
  • Branding & Collateral
  • Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Data-driven Digital Marketing

How we work

We work closely with our clients as partners.

1 Research


Have a vision, but lack a roadmap to get there? The journey begins here. We dive into your project, studying your business, your users, and your goals. We learn what makes everybody tick, so we can create a solid plan to accomplish your goals. We examine what competitors are already using to solve your problems. An organised and efficient discovery prepares a product for success by outlining key metrics. Discovery arms us with everything needed to begin the design and development process. Deliverables from this phase may include: competitive analysis, site map, project plan, sketch wireframes, and website audit.

2 Think

Digital Strategy & Content Planning

Your plan must include a content strategy. Success today is having a solid plan behind what you publish and the right people to execute it. A documented content strategy guides your organization’s content marketing efforts. Without one, you’re a ship sailing into the abyss. We work with you to understand your audience, and we set up monitoring tools so we can make data-driven decisions. Deliverables from this phase may include: content strategy, web analytics, heat mapping , monitoring, user testing, and a marketing plan.

3 Organize


Once we know where we want to go, we focus on getting there. During on-boarding we set your project up for success. We create tickets for every piece of functionality in our project management software. Our team also makes detailed lists of requirements for your project. Deliverables from this phase include: entire project setup project management software, scope clearly defined, and requirements lists outlined and assigned to team.

4 Plan


This is where a large portion of the project is created. We use the research, strategy and data that we’ve complied, and we start to plan out the user experience and user interface for your project. Deliverables from this phase include: plan out user funnels, create detailed wireframes, perform user testing and get feedback.

5 Create


We call this the ‘lipstick layer’. We bring your project to life with aesthetics—colors, fonts, imagery. Our skilled designers craft designs that connects with your users, communicate your brand messages, and accomplish your goals. All our design is data-driven. Deliverables from this phase include: design, perform user testing and get feedback.

6 Execute


Here’s where we make everything work. Most of our clients don’t have a lot of preferences with development, they just want it to work fast and flawlessly. We build our site in WordPress, creating custom solutions to make updating your content an intuitive experience. Your customized backend means your website is a tool that your business can use for years to get work done. Deliverables in this phase include: custom development.

7 Test

Testing, QA, Feedback

After your site it built, we test it in all modern browsers to make sure it looks great on all devices. We perform rigorous quality assurance on all of our products—so they go live with no surprises. During this phase, final feedback is also taking into account and
included upon request.

8 Deploy

Training, Off-boarding & Launch

Before we launch any site, we take time to train you on how to use it. We make screencasts and provide tutorials on any custom functionality, so using your new tool is a pleasure. Our team ensures any redirects are working without a hitch. After training & off-boarding, we launch your site!

9 Marketing

Promotion, Marketing & Content Management

We grow your business by managing your ongoing promotional marketing and content production. Content is by far the most important factor in marketing and advertising. Content strategy produces high quality content—which gets consumed, liked, and shared. When your content attracts and informs, it drives sales. We also handle ongoing SEO, AdWords, affiliate partnerships, guerilla, print, and traditional marketing. As your digital partner, we care for all aspects of your ongoing success.

10 Support

Ongoing Support

Get skilled support and maintenance for your website on an ongoing basis. We take care of updates, security, performance—everything necessary so your site is always up and running. If any issues arise, our monitoring systems inform us immediately. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your site is in the best hands.



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CEO, Creative Director

Roy Sivan


Joy Wiegman

Project Manager

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