We took an ancient practice & made it available for modern learners anywhere.

The Dance of the Deer Foundation asked us to integrate an educational membership platform into Shamanism.com to expand its outreach.

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Reaching Online Audiences

Since Shaman instructors can reach only limited audiences in-person—and attending retreats requires extensive travel, the Dance of the Deer foundation wanted to find creative ways to expand their business digitally.

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Multi-Tier Membership Content

The goal was to expand Shamanism.com to offer memberships to video classes, webinars, and other exclusive online content. The strategy for the membership addition was to provide multi-tiers of valuable content, presented in an easy-to-use user interface.



Scoping the Project

The Dance of the Deer Foundation had a long wishlist and a fixed budget for the project. To meet their goals and deliver an MVP in budget, we carefully planned five production sprints. Our first sprint was research and discovery, which involved investigating tools and technologies to accomplish the goals as efficiently as possible. After this phase, we had a solid plan.

UI & Content Planning

We carefully planned the UI and UX for video sections to be intuitive for users. To create the video experience, we used Wistia and custom post-types. As videos are added, members can see their participants and biographies for the instructors. We even added a rating system, so members can give feedback on videos or search for the most popular videos on Shamanism.

Strategic SEO Planning

To ensure the membership section of Shamanism benefited from organic SEO as much as possible, we planned for aspects of the membership community to be open to the public. This included free transcripts and other select videos. We also made sure that all video content is indexable on search engines. The end result? Their additional content is helping to drive new customers.

Agile Management

What’s it like ‘working Agile’ on a project? As features are developed, we listen to feedback and constantly prioritize what’s most needed for launch. We frequently discuss the goals and re-evaluate. If something is no longer needed, we may temporarily backlog it—if we decide it doesn’t fit in the current budget. At the end of an Agile project, there is usually a backlog of tasks for future phases.


Research, Discovery & Onboarding

R&D starts with a kickoff meeting to discuss the project goals & requirements. We ask the right questions to understand every aspect of the project. After we have a thorough understanding of the project goals, we create a project plan, breaking everything down into sprints with milestones.

Production: Design & Development

During production sprints, we complete the work that we carefully planned during our research and discovery. Every Monday, we get on the phone with our clients to outline the weeks’ goals. We talk about what was accomplished last week, we take feedback into consideration, and we outline what’s next. During the week, our clients provide feedback and comment on work in our project management software—Asana. A project manager is always available to answer questions or communicate change requests. When Friday comes, all of our clients receive a status report in their inbox to summarize our progress for the week.

Off-boarding, Quality Assurance & Launch

As the project wraps up, we go through a rigorous Quality Assurance process to make sure the site is perfect. Off-boarding also includes time to train our clients on how to use their new site. This may include making screencasts or live video chat tutorials.


Now anyone can learn ancient practices—from anywhere.

Our team delivered a modern site with multi-tier membership, available in English or German. The intuitive UI design makes the content appealing and quickly engages users. It looks terrific both on desktop and mobile.

The video membership backend was customized to fit the needs of the Dance of the Deer Foundation, so it was an easy integration into their workflow. Now anyone can benefit from ancient Shaman teachings, anywhere on earth.

What We Accomplished:

  • Planned, designed & developed online video membership for multi-tiers of content
  • Built all video content to be SEO optimized & indexable by search engines
  • Improved theme & performance by cleaning up deprecated code
  • Took Shamanism off multi-site
  • Migrated Shamanism Journal subsite into main site
  • Improved responsive view of entire Shamanism site



What our client says:

"I truly appreciate the great work everyone put into this project & the amazing way it flowed so smoothly. I'm extremely happy with everything, and look forward to continuing to work with all. Once again, thank you. You're an amazing, kind & extremely capable team. It's refreshing to work with such a great crew, and it's a pleasure to know each of you."

Nico Secunda, Managing Director Dance of the Deer Foundation
Project Team

We handled digital strategy, ux, design, development, and everything in between.

  • James Tryon

    Creative Director

  • Vincent Re

    Front-end Developer

  • Dylan Ryan

    Backend Developer

  • Josh Shashaty

    Backend Developer

  • Violette Calhoun

    Project Manager


To create the online membership site, we provided:

  • Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • UX & UI Planning
  • Creative Design
  • Organic SEO Research
  • Custom Development
  • Future Phase Planning
  • Training & Education
  • Ongoing Consulting

We created an online membership to expand Shamanism, how can we grow your business?