Congrats to Pagely: Moving into Act 3

We’re excited to see the WordPress hosting company Pagely announce they’re moving into “Act 3” at their organization: Scale. Having worked with Pagely for years, their managed WordPress hosting platform is one we can confidently recommend to our clients. They support a pretty impressive client list that includes: Disney, Warner Bros., Univision, TIME inc, and Northwestern University.

One thing we appreciate about Pagely is their business philosophy to empower their staff to do work they’re excited about. They believe everyone should use their skill set on what they do best. When they hire, they may give someone 5 positions, see what they gravitate towards most, and slowly alleviate them of roles they don’t want on their plate. This makes sense to us—use your highest and best skills—and let someone else fill roles not suited for you.

We also respect Pagely’s approach to sustainable growth. They’re interested in playing the long game, so their growth has been balanced—even cautious at times, but always with an eye on their clients, the market, and providing a strong service.

Congrats again to Pagely! We’re happy for you and look forward to seeing your continued growth.

Read more on the Pagely blog.

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