LearnDash LMS Nominated “Best eLearning Tool of 2016”?

Our team is proud to provide development support for the LearnDash Learning Management System (LMS). This week, we’re excited to hear that LearnDash was nominated by Elearning Magazine as one of the “Best of Elearning tools for 2016.” It makes us smile to see products that we work on receive attention. We look forward to the December edition of ELearning Magazine to see if LearnDash comes in first!

This fantastic LMS tool helps users easily add online learning into their WordPress websites. Over the past couple of years, as the LearnDash audience grew, so did their need for help with their codebase and product support—so our developers assisted.

Need WordPress Product Support? Consider Asking for Help!

Why would you ask an outside team to help with your WordPress product support? A few reasons actually.

Reason #1 – Our team helped LearnDash refactor their codebase a while back. Since this led to us being quite familiar with the code, we’re actually in an ideal position to jump in and provide top-level support. Over the past year, we helped handle their sophisticated development support issues.

Reason #2 – Our agency has a rock-solid development process, so we are able to apply this carefully crafted process to any product we work on—including LearnDash. Our veteran developers can provide guidance to any online product.

Reason #3 – Ramping up (or down) resources. Instead of worrying about finding development resources for their next feature, LearnDash can focus on managing their business and their product. If you’re looking for development you can ramp up or down, depending on your releases, an outside team may be ideal.

Our good relationship with the LearnDash team is something we’re proud of, and we’re excited to work with their team as partners. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop a powerful product.


*Work on LearnDash is done in connection with our sister company Valet.

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