New Launch:

For the past six months, our custom development team has been nose to the grindstone working on the new TreatingPain website.

Making Pain Treatment Effortless

The National Spine & Pain Centers help people across the USA find treatments for their pain. A main avenue they use to reach people is their website. educates visitors on their options for pain treatment and helps them find a nearby doctor.

Over the past year, as their business expanded, so did their need for a strong digital footprint with a clearly organized online presence. Currently, they have three centers on the east coast, and they’re adding doctors and organizing conferences every year to expand.

The Easily Amused team was called in to revamp the identity online in a way that clearly represents the group’s forward-thinking mentality, attracts visitors, and makes it painless to find a nearby doctor. Challenge accepted.

New UI Design, Custom Theme & Content Strategy

National Spine & Pain Centers came to our Custom Development Team for guidance on their WordPress site, and really for a complete overhaul on their content strategy and online experience. They needed to give visitors a better experience—which required an overhaul of their content from the ground up.

The amount of content on the website in immense. To organize everything in a clean, modern theme—with intuitive navigation and a great UX, we started with an audit and a planning stage. Our goal was to craft a modern-looking theme, with better SEO, clear user funnels, and an easy-to-use custom admin for staff. The key to the success of their new website was giving them the ability to grow and expand. We delved into their business model and their content studied their user experience and met with their stakeholders to clearly understand their business goals. With a crystal clear vision of where the National Spine & Pain Centers needed to go, we crafted a strategy to get us there.

The site we delivered far surpassed the client’s expectations, and we’re proud of the work.

What Are the Results?

The truth is in the stats. Since the new TreatingPain site launched, we’ve already seen exciting increases in the following numbers:

700% — Our client inquiries increased 700% after our new site launch.
50 hours —Reduced maintenance time for their site by over 50 hours annually.
75% faster — Cut down data migration time by 75%

What’s Next? Ongoing Content Management

The website project launched, but our work didn’t end there. National Spine & Pain Centers needs ongoing content produced to carry out their content strategy and continue to connect with their audiences. To accomplish this, the Easily Amused team is working with them to manage their content strategy. This includes researching, producing, and analyzing content, and promoting their content on social channels in the community.

Let Us Help You

Do you want to turn your business website into a powerful user acquisition tool? Reach out to us. Our team of digital strategists can help you create a roadmap to your success. We love working with businesses to help them grow. Using business intelligence, data-driven marketing, and well planned UX and UI design, we help organizations reach their potential every day.

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Note: All work done on this project was done in connection with our sister company

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