New Launch: Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting came to Easily Amused in need of expert WordPress help—a re-theming, SEO enhancements, and a design refresh.

Strategic Content Management

When Centric came to us, they already had tons of content—articles covering 12 different industries and dozens of categories of technology and consulting topics. They needed a way to manage their content and allow contributors to securely add new articles and make copy updates to the site. A major goal of Centric’s new site was to modernize the technology behind it and make it easy to integrate marketing analytics tools for user activity tracking and split testing.

Planning for High Engagement

During the discovery phase, we collaborated with Centric’s leadership team to create a project plan for the re-theming. After studying Centric’s site and learning their pain points, we decided to focus on a build that would increase user engagement and new client inquiries.

Read the full case study here.

All work on the Centric Consulting project was done in cooperation with our sister company Valet.

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